The problems with traditional alarm system:

  • You get false alarm and you don't know if it is one.
  • If it were not a false alarm, meaning some stranger has probably broken into your house.
  • It is a hassle to arm or disarm the system because the control panel is located inside the house. You are probably given one minute to arm and get out of the house, and one minute to disarm after you unlok the door.
  • If you have a remote device to arm or disarm, you may risk having the code captured druing transmission.
  • You will eventually feel too inconvenient and stop using it.



How SmartCCTV Alarm System can resolve the above problems:

As you can see from the video, the SmartCCTV with video analytics helps to identify and incoming intrustion and trigger the siren when the intruder is too close to the hotsport areas (the door and windows within the blue-lined rectangle.)

  • You will know if is is a false alarm from the snapshot email to you once the alarm is triggered. However, it will be very rare.
  • Siren will go off before the intruder can start breaking your doors or windows.
  • You have a mobile control panel on your phone to arm and disarm regardless of distance.
  • The mobile control panel is IP-based and transmitting over secure internet connection which cannot be hacked.
  • You can arm the system after you are out of the house, and disarm before you open the door, without rushing.