The 5 Unique Value Propositions that will make your investment worthwhile

If you are using a conventional CCTV system, you are well aware that it basically serves you 3 things.
To record, to playback, and to view locally or remotely. Period.
NuTACT SmartCCTV will offer you 5 unique value propositions on top of that.


Instead of receiving a false alarm or notification of your house is broken into from your alarm system, why not receive a Motion Alert on your smart phone with snapshots of what is happening at home or office when potential break-in attempt is about to take place? So you can take actions and STOP it.


  1. Motion-detect Snapshots:

    Check out the snapshots and see who is there.  Check the Live View app to verify if the potential intruder is still there.

  2. Pre-set Emergency contact:

    You can have as many pre-set emergency contact as you need to call for help, such as the building security, community guards, or your neighbor.
    Or if you have an existing alarm system that can activate the siren with a pass code after dialing in, you can preset the number in the system.

  3. Panic Siren Buttons:

    if you don’t have such advanced alarm system, SmartCCTV offers you the Panic Siren button when pressed, the siren at your premises will be activated remotely, and forcing the intruder to flee with the deafening sound.

So you can stop break-in attempt. How about an insider job? Somebody who knows where your DVR or video recorder is and he or she can easily unplug or damage it? No more video or evidence to tell you what has happened.

Well, this will not happen with NuTACT SmartCCTV as all Motion-detect Snapshots will be transferred and stored in our secure datacenter storage system for 30 days. They are tamper-proof and are only accessible by users with authorization.


  • Tamper-proof Snapshots
  • 30 days of unlimited storage
  • Redundancy plan when the NVR is down



Device Down Email Alert notifies the user of the specific camera down so that the user can immediately take action to rectify the issue.

Daily Device Status Report allows our team to identify cameras that are having issues so that our team can help our customers to rectify the issues immediately.


  • Will not wait until video playback is required to find out the cameras are down for some time.
  • Our support team can provide pro-active maintenance and support to rectify the issues as soon as possible.

All our customers will get a Cloud Surveillance Management Center (CSMC) portal i.e. where they can login live viewing, snapshots playback, and remote management of the cameras.



  • Single login portal for the user to view all cameras of different sites or regions.  No hassles on trying to remember IP addresses, login name and passwords for different sites.
  • Owners of multiple outlets can delegate monitoring tasks to individual outlet manager, while the management can view all cameras of different sites.
  • The owner can choose to group specific cameras under one zone for easy viewing & monitoring.


The Conventional CCTV system solution provider will provide the following:

  • 99.99% of the Surveillance Systems in the market rely solely on the DVR/NVR/PC to function.
  • When the DVR/NVR/PC is down, the WHOLE system collapses
  • No more recording.
  • No more live viewing.


NuTACT SmartCCTV offers the Hybrid Redundancy:

If the DVR/NVR/PC ever failed:

  • You still can remotely view all cameras.
  • The motion-detect snapshots will still be captured and stored in the NuTACT CSMC.
  • You will still have access to the 30 days of snapshots taken.