What is Multiple Sites Simultaneous Monitoring (MSSM)?

The main purpose of MSSM is to ease the management of the surveillance system for business with multiple outlets with the following benefits after the video presentation.

Don’t you hate to remember different usernames and password for different emails or online banking. What’s worse now if you are using DVR in all your outlets. You will need to remember 10 sets of username and password in order to remotely access to view the different outlets via the web browser.

With NuTACT SmartCCTV system, I just need to remember my portal name (i.e. companyname.nutact.com), my username, and my password to have access to view all outlets/offices/factories whether there are 10, 100, or 1000 of them.

Viewing one store at a time or all stores at different geographical at the same time are literally just a few clicks away as shown in figure 12.

It’s so easy to customize the camera views that I prefer, and to switch from one customized view to another. I can group all outlets’ entrance under one customized view or all outlets’ stock rooms or more. The customizable views are unlimited. Remote monitoring is made easy with NuTACT CSMC.

Figure 10. Time-Line Motion-Detect (TLMD) Snapshots View

I would feel rather uncomfortable if an ex-staff were still able to remotely view inside my outlets or office, but how many business owners really know if some ex-staff is still looking inside his or her outlets/office. If one is too far away from the outlet to change the access control or have no idea how to do so, such incident is bound to happen.

Adding and removing users with NuTACT SmartCCTV is just as easy. However, only the user with the Admin privilege can do so. Just click ‘New’ to add a new user as in Figure 14. and click into the person’s ‘Name’ and click ‘delete’ to remove the user completely as in Figure 15.

Once I have added my new users, I should grant them access to the cameras which they need to have access to, respectively. I just have to grant permission to Outlet A manager and assistant manager the access to those cameras in that outlet that allows them remote monitoring. If there is a regional manager, I could add him/her into the permission list too so this regional manager can also have access to not just one outlet but those outlets under his/her supervision.

Of course, the camera in my own room or the place that I want to keep my privacy, I shall only select myself with access to. Nobody else can see it unless I want them to. Therefore NuTACT SmartCCTV system not only allows me the easy management of who gets to see which cameras but at the same time also keep my private space safe without privacy invasion. It is like keeping a few private cameras just for myself which cannot be done using a DVR or NVR system.

Similarly to granting permission to the camera viewing, I can delegate the monitoring task easily to the Branch and Assistant Branch Manager by selecting them as the ‘Receiver’ of the Motion Email Alert. Then I would pick the non-operation hour to be receiving such emails or if it’s during long holidays, I may change to 7/24 all day long. And more importantly, I will make sure to enter all the emergency contact for speed dialing, Google location map and coordinates, and any security procedures to follow when a breach is verified. The customized information is only available for that particular camera.

What I really like about the Time-Line Motion-Detect Snapshots is the concise summary of the daily events that doesn’t waste much of my time as compared to searching for videos recorded for all day long. This is actually a good complement to the full-day video recording so you can narrow down easily on the exact time.