Normally we would advise our customers to go for wired POE for reliable performance and security. However, WIFI is also another option that we offer for those with smaller houses or apartments.

Basically, you just need to have a working WIFI router, which our technical team can configure to work with the wireless IP camera. For each camera, a power point will be needed. If the distance of the cameras and WIFI router is too far, a WIFI booster or extender will be required. One WIFI router is not recommended to connect to more than 4 cameras.

Using this POE, a network cable is required to connect physically to the IP Camera, however, the power point will not be needed as the network cable with be able to carry the power to the camera too. A POE switch will be required with this setup in order to power up the camera. The advantage of using Wired with POE is the reliable performance and the owner can opt for a UPS which will keep the whole surveillance system running during the power outage.